Beltrade: Pizzato Elettrica RFID safety switches with built-in control devices: safety and control at your command

The NG safety switches equipped with RFID technology and block are also available with built-in control devices. This new version is a further evolution of Pizzato Elettrica products in the field of safety.

  • The NG switches are available in new versions with integrated buttons, having control and signalling functions.
  • The new versions allow you to wire the buttons inside the switch by means of handy terminal blocks. This saves space, simplifies the wiring and introduces new functionality.
  • Different versions of the NG switches are available, with one, two or three built-in devices.

Something MORE:

You can combine the new version with control devices and the P-KUBE2 handle. You will obtain a robust metal body, compact and configurable, incorporating an RFID safety switch with a pin for the centering of the door, an anti-panic release, an adjustable handle with a lock-out device to be closed with a padlock and a control console.