We’ve already told you why choosing the right partner in both development and execution of your product is important. Today, we’d like to present you with few companies that are partners of Beltrade since many years and which we think would be a great choice for making your products happen.


Tridonic has been engaged in the quest for perfect light for over 50 years. They focus on making their contribution towards better lighting results by providing constantly upgraded modern components, continuously improving the reliability and security of lighting systems and doing our bit towards climate protection.


PATELEC has been producing moulded plugs and electric cables for over 40 years. Born as a small company, PATELEC is presently one of the leading manufacturers of power supply cords, not only in Europe but also worldwide. We believe that our success has been and will be made possible only by the fulfilment of our customers’ expectations.


110 highly skilled and committed employees who day after day work hard to make BETTER CONNECTIONS in all sec­tors. Each and every one of them shares responsibility for the success of the com­pany and individual customer projects.


Elica Group motors business unit, originates from FIME, a company founded in 1974, as electric motors designer and manufacturer. FIME has always been characterized by its vertical structure which allows to create and control internally all production phases starting from raw materials. Over the years the company has expanded its market presence to become a reference both in the domestic ventilation field (fans for hoods) as well as heating field(fans for boilers). Strong of its thirty years long experience in ventilation and heating, Elica Group Company is today, under FIME Brand, leader on both markets.


UNIGASKET a dynamic and versatile Italian Company that has acquired a thirty years experience in the field of the PTFE Paste Extrusion. Today UNIGASKET is a market leader and export their products worldwide thanks also to the ISO 9001:2008 certification of their quality system. From producers of PTFE tapes, during these years UNIGASKET have been able to widen constantly our range of products in the field of the industrial gaskets.


Worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of gas components for domestic cooking, used by the most important brands of home appliances.

Operating in many markets all over the world, with production sites in Italy, Brazil, Mexico, the company is flexible organized, with a strong attitude to adapt to the sudden changes of the market, to the specific requests of the customers, according to the Lean Thinking principles.

Constantly directed toward customer satisfaction, Defendi has been producing “made in Italy” gas components for over 30 years, matching the most innovative concepts of Italian design with the best cooking performances and with the excellent standards of energy efficiency.


Everel is a leading producer and supplier of electromechanical components for major worldwide household appliance companies and car manufacturers. Through its own brands, Molveno, Dreefs, Giem and Signal Lux. Everel offers a wide range of products for household appliances sector: switches, selectors, signal lights, motors, custom ventilation units for ovens and MEC-TRONIC components. Although the focus is mostly on electromechanical items, Everel is also investing in electronic product such as encoders, PCBs, timers, command controls.