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Anyone who wants to modernise their lighting will anticipate high costs alongside high time outlay. Tridonic’s intuitive basicDIM Wireless control technology has long been established as the ideal solution for this process. New products are building on the trend towards simple modernisation of lighting without additional wiring. Drivers and modules with integrated basicDIM Wireless technology allow a dimming function to be added to existing lighting quickly and easily. A range of versions are available to satisfy every lighting requirement – from accent lighting consisting of LED light lines to Tunable White solutions.

Light is not always the same. You can choose how yours looks. And we’ll help you do just that. With our LED products we give you the confidence that your chosen lighting solution will give you precisely the results you want.

Module SLE G7 ADV

_ Increase in efficacy of up to 16 %
_ Longer life time of 55,000 hours
_ Thermal optimisation with new phosphor

The LES 13, 15, 17 and 21 sizes complete the seventh generation of the advanced (ADV) module series. All improvements to existing sizes have been pursued consistently, including outstanding efficacy of up to 191 lumens per watt and optimised chip temperature of up to 150 °C. Combined with the improved derating curve, stable light quality is guaranteed throughout the entire life time.

Module SLE G7 ADV

Modules SLE advanced

Product description

  • For spotlights and downlights
  • TIM variants for easy and fast assembly
  • Housing with Snap-On feature for easy reflector mounting
  • 50 mm housing with 35 mm mounting hole distance acc. to Zhaga
  • For operating with SELV Driver suitable
  • Luminous flux up to 10,990 lm at tp = 65 °C
  • High efficacy up to 190 lm/W for the LED module at tp = 25 °C
  • High system efficacy up to 164 lm/W at tp = 65 °C
  • High colour consistency (MacAdam 3)
  • Excellent thermal management by COB technology
  • Uniform radiation with Dam&Fill technology
  • Integrated LED module
  • Cooling required
  • Flexible operating mode
  • 5-year guarantee