SLK 7/5 for small LED drivers

SLK 7/5  for small LED drivers

SLK 7/5  for small LED drivers

Partner  Beltrade introduces a new product: SLK 7/5  for small LED drivers

Electronic components are getting smaller and smaller. The latest LED drivers, for example, are only 11 mm high. Light designers are using this advantage to create extremely flat luminaires.

The SLK 7/5 connector with a height of 11 mm fits perfectly into these super-flat luminaires. It can be used for wires of up to 2.5 mm². The five poles offer space for the power supply as well as the light control. It’s also the perfect solution for 16 mm LED drivers.

What makes the SLK 7 so special?

  • The SLK 7 connector enables daisy-chain wiring at the installation site. The upper and lower terminals of this double-decker component are interconnected.
  • Since there are two terminals per pole for internal wiring, two drivers can be contacted.
  • Flexible wires can be used for the upper terminals of the SLK 7. They can be easily released by activating the release levers.


Flexible and easy to apply

  • SLK7 is available as a screw or PIEC (push-in earth contact) connector.
  • The fixing pins of the SLK 7 connector fit into standard cutouts, just like the SLK 3 and SLK 5 connectors did.
  • For ALP aluminum profiles, SLK 7 uses a so-called fir-tree fixation system. Simply push in the little “fir tree” into the profile and move the connector to the desired position or release it again by pushing it out horizontally. No tools needed. It’s super easy!
  • Alternatively, there is also a version with double-sided adhesive tape. An extremely space-saving solution indeed!