Beltrade : MICROCON SMDP vs screw terminals

Beltrade : MICROCON SMDP vs screw terminals

Beltrade : MICROCON SMDP vs screw terminals

There are many ways to power electronic circuit boards. One option is to use traditional screw terminals.

However, the use of screw terminals has disadvantages:

  • Personnel costs – The terminals are packed loosely and often have to be assembled manually on circuit boards.
  • Risky – A screwdriver is required to connect the cables. The torque stress on the terminal creates a mechanical load on the release point and the entire circuit board.
  • Error-prone – The quality of the electrical connection depends on the individual tightening torque of the user. Torque wrenches would help here, but are rarely used in practice.
  • Time-consuming – the screwing process takes time to make contact with the respective component.
  • Costly material – A wave soldering system is required for soldering the terminal. The terminal is often one of the last remaining components on the assembly line and cannot be soldered with reflow.
  • Voluminous – The clamping screw requires space, which affects the overall height. In flat devices, conventional screw terminals are simply too high.

Electro Terminal has a better solution. Our MICROCON SMD POWER terminals offer the following advantages:

  • Inexpensive – Tape-on-reel packaging for automatic assembly.
  • Material-saving – Design of the terminal as an SMD component, designed for reflow soldering.
  • Space-saving – Flat design. No solder legs or clamping screws.
  • Minimizing errors – By designing the connections as robust plug-in terminals, time-saving, convenient and reliable contacting of the electronic modules is ensured.
  • Versatile – The push-in connectors are suitable for both rigid and flexible conductors.
  • Tested – Approval up to 16 A and 2.5 mm² cables, verified by ÖVE and UL certificate.
  • Additional service – On request, we can deliver the MICROCON SMD POWER with pole printing.
  • Several versions – The power terminal is available as a 1-, 2- or 3-pole version. In addition, we also offer a double terminal with internal through-wiring.

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