Beltrade: Elica S.p.A. beings top management transition with focus on continuity and growth

After four years in office Giuseppe Perucchetti and the Company have mutually agreed that, having achieved the targeted objectives, the appropriate conditions have developed for a transition of leadership which particularly focuses on growth and an improved Group competitive capacity.

Therefore, an agreement has been reached by which Giuseppe Perucchetti will remain as Company Chief Executive Officer until August 25, 2016.

The Board of Directors, after thanking the Chief Executive Officer for his work and willingness to support the Company in the transition phase, tasked the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and in accordance with the executive director succession plan adopted by the Company, to activate the succession process for the selection of the new Chief Executive Officer.


Beltrade: new R&D Group Director in Everel

Giuseppe Dominici is the new R&D Group Director of Everel. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has embarked on a brilliant career that led him to hold positions of increasing responsibility in important companies in the mechatronics and automotive industry. “Our best wishes go to Giuseppe Dominici – said the company – in the certainty that his path in Everel will be full of mutual satisfaction and growth both personally and professionally”.


Beltrade: Homogeneous light from the reel – TALEX module LLE-FLEX by Tridonic

The extremely efficient TALEX module LLE-FLEX continuous lighting strip can perform numerous different lighting tasks – from decorative indirect, cove or accent lighting to direct general lighting with light lines. It can also be used in profile lighting.

In combination with a constant-voltage LED Driver with an appropriate output – such as the TALEX driver LCA 100W from Tridonic – TALEX  module LLE-FLEX is the perfect system solution. Lighting solutions based on the fixed-output or dimmable LED strip can be very long indeed.

For more information download technical data sheet.



Beltrade: Elica enters the world of IoT

Thanks to the partnership with Vodafone and IBM, Elica enters the world of IoT with Snap, the Air Quality Balancer. This product, equipped with three sensors and a sophisticated algorithm, is an innovative system that monitors and automatically improve the air quality. According to the partnership, Vodafone has contributed to the App implementation and provides the Data SIM card, allowing the device an alternative connection to Wi-Fi. IBM owns the cloud where all data collected are stored. Snap learns to know the home environment through continuous measurements made by its sensors. In this way, it is able to calibrate its mode of operation based on an “ideal situation”, specific for each environment. Snap has 5 operating modes that can be activated with an App (downloadable from the Apple and Google stores) or with a remote control: Automatic, Manual, Detox (focus on air quality), Dry (it reduces the possibility of mold growth and prevents the musty smell) and Link (the appliance dialogues with Elica’s Sense hoods). “Snap for us is not a point of arrival but of departure – said Francesco Casoli, President of Elica -. New technologies and digitalisation are part of our lives and our homes. With this project we want to open ourselves to the IoT era, bringing our know-how in air treatment for the benefit of the whole house”.

Elica snap

Beltrade: Everel’s growth in the automotive sector

Over the years Everel Group deposited 89 international patents and 36 registered trademarks.

Today’s production goes over 100 million finished products every year. Everel’s product lineup includes switches and signal lights, selectors and encoders, motors and pressure-switches. The

Company works with leading world player of the large and small household appliances,  including Bsh, Electrolux, Whirlpool-Indesit, Elica and Vitamix .

But also Everel has a substantial growth in the automotive sector as well. In the automotive business, Everel manufactures components such as switches to control the opening of the doors or passenger compartment switches. Everel Group has direct relations with Volkswagen and the Valeo Group, which then supply components to automakers such as Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, Opel, Toyota, Fiat, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz. Today the automotive business is only a small of the company’s turnover. The growth prospects are now interesting, to the point that in 2015 the Group achieved ISO TS to serve as Tier 1, to directly supply major car manufacturers. Only a company with significant financial strength – along with other important skills, high standards of quality – can successfully enter this market, in which the development times can be very long: from opening the job to production many years can go by.

Everel automoto



LED PROFESSIONAL SYMPOSIUM+EXPO 2016 is the annual event in Bregenz, Austria, is Europe’s foremost lighting technology event for people in industry and research. “Trends and Technologies for Future Lighting Solutions” in the fields of general, automotive and special lighting applications will be the major topics in Bregenz. LED PROFESSIONAL SYMPOSIUM+EXPO 2016 will emphasize “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations” and cover the latest trends in applications.

Beltrade presents Tridonic like one of the sponsor in LED PROFESSIONAL SYMPOSIUM+EXPO 2016, 20-22 September


EuroGastro 2016: hood with baffle filter type FL by Sifim

During the exhibitors’ evening
the results of the competition
for the best product EuroGastro 2016
were announced in eight categories.

Dora Metal Sp. o.o. was awarded for the using modern methods of
filtering (baffle filter type FL by Sifim) in cooker hoods in category Kitchen equipment – heavy equipment and