Electro Terminal : 3 Reasons to opt for SMT

Partner Beltrade Electro Terminal : 3 Reasons to opt for SMT

Electro Terminal : 3 Reasons to opt for SMT

What exactly is surface-mounted technology (SMT)?

In state-of-the-art SMT, components are placed directly onto the printed circuit board (PCB) to create a so-called surface-mounted device (SMD).


And what is through-hole technology (THT)?

In THT, components are inserted through holes drilled into in the PCB.


We have analyzed the differences of the two technologies in detail. Here are the results in a nutshell.




Time & resources are valuable.

In surface-mounted technology, you can mount SMD components on the top and bottom side of the PCB. There’s no need to drill holes into the printed circuit board. This is a big advantage when it comes to flexibility and production times.


Small but effective


Flat & easy to use

SMT components have extremely low dimensions compared to through-hole devices. The MICROCON SMD, for example, is only 3.5 mm high.

Most through-hole mounted components need to be installed manually. Surface-mounted devices, e. g. MICROCON SMD connectors, are delivered in tape-and-reel packaging and can be automatically placed and wired by means of a pick & place machine.

Usually, SMD connectors are not suitable for high power applications. The MICROCON SMDP (“P” = power), however, can be used for direct mains voltage supply to electronic PCB.



Process safety

The mechanical performance in SMT is better, especially under vibration conditions.


Quality control

MICROCON SMD connectors are IECE, OVE and UL approved. They are also tested according to the standard norm for connectors. Our manufacturing processes are regularly examined by independent testing institutes.


SMD made by Electro Terminal

We offer three different models, ranging from power supply connectors to simple PCB connectors with or without housing:

3 Reasons to opt for SMT

Electro Terminal : 3 Reasons to opt for SMT

Tridonic:LED driver in-track DALI one4all NFC EXC3: driver and adapter in one

Partner Beltrade Tridonic:LED driver in-track DALI one4all NFC EXC3: driver and adapter in one

Tridonic:LED driver in-track DALI one4all NFC EXC3: driver and adapter in one

Third generation of the dimmable in-track driver
The latest DALI-2 based in-track driver in the excite series (EXC3) combines an LED driver and adapter in a single compact housing that can be integrated directly in the power track.
Driver LC 25W 350-600mA o4a NFC T EXC3

The compact solution for minimalist spotlights solutions

Even extremely compact designs are now possible. Shop applications in particular benefit from the wide dimming range that enables the light output to be adjusted to suit specific requirements. The in-track driver also offers impressive convenience in terms of programming because all the parameters of the dimmable LED driver can be easily set via the NFC interface. Thanks to multi-programming, entire packaging units with up to ten drivers can be programmed in a single pass.

Driver LC 25W 350-600mA o4a NFC T EXC3

excite NFC in-track series

  • Black (RAL 9005)Black (RAL 9005)

  • Grey (RAL 7035)Grey (RAL 7035)

  • White (RAL 9010)White (RAL 9010)

Product description

  • Dimmable constant current / in-track LED Driver
  • Optional accessory ACU ALU NIPPLE M10x1 for mounting the luminaire head
  • Compatible with Global Trac PULSE from Nordic Aluminum (depending on version) and OneTrack from Stucchi, see data sheet chapter 3.8
  • Dimming range 1 to 100 % (min. 3.5 mA)
  • For luminaires of protection class II
  • Temperature protection as per EN 61347-2-13 C5e
  • Adjustable output current between 350 and 600 mA via near field communication (NFC)
  • Support NFC multiple programming (full carton box)
  • Max. output power 25 W
  • Up to 83 % efficiency
  • Power input on stand-by < 0.5 W
  • Nominal life-time up to 100,000 h
  • 5-year guarantee

Housing properties

  • Casing: polycarbonat, black, white or grey
  • Type of protection IP20


  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • one4all (DALI-2, DSI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION)


  • Adjustable output current (NFC, DALI-2)
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • No-load protection
  • Burst protection voltage 2 kV
  • Surge protection voltage 1 kV (L to N)

Typical applications

  • For spot light in retail and hospitality application
Tridonic:LED driver in-track DALI one4all NFC EXC3: driver and adapter in one

New product KADO FL: Flat as can be!

New product KADO FL: Flat as can be!

New product KADO FL: Flat as can be!


Beltrade presents a new product from a partner Electro Terminal   KADO FL: Flat as can be!

The KADO FL cable connection box is our super flat solution for applications with limited space. It takes up very little room in the household appliance thanks to its angled fastons. Also the cable output allows saving space.


  • gas cookers
  • small household appliances
  • cooking hobs
  • built-in ovens

All advantages at a glance

  • Screwless strain relief
  • Flat design
  • Time-saving cable assembly due to opened screws
  • Suitable for RAST 5 connectors
  • New robust hinge mechanism
  • Clearly arranged pole engravings on both side
  • Complies with requirements to EN 60335/1:2010 – Glow wire test for GWT 750°C / GWIT 775°C
  • Final inspection through test holes even when the connection box is closed
  • Special design of the earth-tag for a safe connection


New product KADO FL: Flat as can be!

Please find further information on product certificates on our datasheet.

New product KADO FL: Flat as can be!

NG series safety switches

NG series safety switches

NG series safety switches Pizzato

NG series safety switches equipped with RFID technology expand further and now include new versions with integrated buttons, for control and signalling functions.

The new versions allow the customer to wire the buttons inside the switch, through terminal blocks with a PUSH-IN spring connection.

There is no need to install dedicated boxes with special buttons anymore and the new device is very compact, of the same size as the standard version.

It saves space, simplify the wiring and introduces new functionality.

You can combine the new version with control devices and the P-KUBE 2 handle: you will obtain a robust metal body, compact and configurable, incorporating an RFID safety switch with a pin for the centering of the door, an anti-panic release, an adjustable handle with a lock-out device to be closed with a padlock and a control console.

Different versions of the NG switches with one, two or three buttons are available.

You can illuminate the buttons in a fast and intuitive way through the internal terminals for the wiring of the LEDs.

In order to meet the various needs of its customers, Pizzato Elettrica provides different configurations and combinations of control and signalling devices: with buttons, signalling lights, emergency buttons, selectors, switching 1NO, 1NC, 1NO+1NC, 2NC contact blocks.

Main advantages:
7500 N withstand force
Contactless operation thanks to RFID technology
Digital encoder
Models with the ability to unlock by lock and emergency button
Metal housing, three input channels M20
Degree of protection IP67 and IP69K
Work with the electromagnet turned on and off
6 status LEDs
Versions with EDM Input
Optional – integrated control device

Download Brouchure

NG series safety switches

New Product SLK 7: It’s a kind of magic!

New Product SLK 7: It’s a kind of magic!

New Product SLK 7: It’s a kind of magic!

Beltrade presents a new product from a partner Electro Terminal 

Electronic elements are getting smaller and smaller. The latest LED drivers, for example, can only be 11 mm high. This reduced height helps light designers to develop luminaires that are extremely flat.

There are, however, still very few component manufacturers that offer flat solutions for the ideal power supply.

But help is on the way: The SLK 7 connector with a height of 11 mm fits perfectly into these super-flat luminaires and can be used for wires of up to 2.5 mm². The five poles offer space for the power supply as well as the light control.

Super powers

  • The SLK 7 connector enables daisy-chain wiring at the installation side. The upper and lower terminals of the double decker component are interconnected.
  • Since there are two terminals per pole for internal wiring, two drivers can be contacted.
  • Flexible wires can be used for the upper terminals of the SLK 7. They can be easily released by activating the release levers.

A wide variety

  • Choose between screw and PIEC (push-in earth contact) earthing.
  • The fixing pins of the SLK 7 connector fits into standard cutouts, just like its predecessors, the SLK 3 and SLK 5 connectors.

This is where the magic starts!

  • For aluminum profiles (ALP), SLK 7 uses a so-called fir-tree fixation system. Simply push-in the little “fir-tree” into the profile and move the connector to the desired position or release it again by pushing it out horizontally. No tools needed. It’s super easy!
  • Alternatively, there is also a version with double-sided adhesive tape. An extremely space-saving solution indeed!

Mehr Informationen anfordern

All advantages at a glance

  • Super-flat – only 11 mm high and 27 mm wide
  • Five poles for power supply and light control
  • Different fixing and earthing options
New Product SLK 7: It's a kind of magic!

Tridonic : EM converterLED BASIC 50 V Kit

Tridonic : EM converterLED BASIC 50 V Kit

BASIC version

Tridonic : EM converterLED BASIC 50 V Kit

Product description

  • Non-maintained emergency LED Driver for manual testing
  • For self-contained emergency lighting
  • Kit with emergency lighting LED Driver, battery for 3 h duration and indication LED
  • For LED modules with a forward voltage of 10 – 52 V
  • SELV for output voltage < 60 V DC
  • Low profile casing (21 x 30 mm cross-section)
  • For luminaire installation
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Non maintained operation
  • 3 h rated duration
  • Compatible with all dimmable and non-dimmable constant current LED Driver (see data sheet, LED Driver compatibility)
  • 3-pole technology: 2-pole LED module changeover and delayed power switching for the LED Driver
  • Automatic shutdown of output if LED load is out of range
  • Constant power output
  • Maximum light output for all LED modules
  • Electronic charge system
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Short-circuit-proof battery connection
  • Polarity reversal protection for battery


  • High-temperature cells
  • NiCd batteries
  • D cells
  • 4-year design life
  • 1-year guarantee

Beltrade:EM converterLED BASIC 50 V Kit

About Tridonic

Tridonic : EM converterLED BASIC 50 V Kit

New actuator for ST series safety sensors with RFID technology

Pizzato : New actuator for ST series safety sensors with RFID technology

New actuator for ST series safety sensors with RFID technology

The ST series safety sensors with RFID technology from Pizzato Elettrica are available with a new actuator in compact dimensions.

This actuator can only be mounted forward facing and the actuation distance is 12 mm; due to the reduced thickness of just 7 mm, it can be installed in all applications with restricted space conditions and thereby enables use of RFID technology, even with guards of small dimensions.

The new actuator is available in versions with low coding level (actuator SM L0T) or high coding level (actuator SM L1T).


New products Electro Terminal: Connectors for Protection II luminaires

New products Electro Terminal: Connectors for Protection II luminaires

New products Electro Terminal: Connectors for Protection II luminaires

The new requirements for Protection Class II luminaires according to EN 60 598 -1 (Luminaires: General requirements and testing) include several general factors that need to be considered. Here are some examples:

  • Structure
  • Marking
  • Creepage and clearance
  • Leakage resistance
  • Creep resistance of insulation materials

To help you decide which connectors to use for Protection II luminaires, we’ve tested a range of our products for use in Protection II luminaires.
We recommend using the following connectors. Please note additional information below:


Important information regarding earth contacts for Protection II luminaires:

  • Please note that Protection II luminaires must not have an earth contact.
  • Fixed Protection II luminaires may, however, be equipped with a connector that can be used for an earth contact. The connector must be protected from any touchable metal parts with Protection II insulation.
  • Connectors are marked accordingly.


SLK 3 for max. 250 V operating voltage


All advantages at a glance SLK 3

  • Time-saving installation
  • Easy manual installation
  • Automatic wiring possible with capacitor already fitted
  • Automatic wiring possible on all common push-in robot wiring systems with push-in technology
  • Large entrance funnels
  • Detachment of wires at device end with release pin or by twisting and pulling
  • Easy detachment of wires at installation end with push-button
  • Large fixing holes for easy insertion of self-tapping screws (max. 3.1 mm)


SLK 5 SK II for max. 300 V operating voltage 

Miniaturised screwless connectors with reinforced insulation for protection class II applications




* Please find further information on product certificates on our datasheet.

Electro Terminal: Interview with Beltrade’s Sales Manager Tomasz Owczarczyk

Electro Terminal: Interview with Beltrade’s Sales Manager Tomasz Owczarczyk

Electro Terminal: Interview with Beltrade’s Sales Manager Tomasz Owczarczyk


Tomasz, how would you describe the relationship between Beltrade and Electro Terminal?

Our cooperation with Electro Terminal started in 2011. Since the very beginning, we have been highly successful on the market and quickly integrated Electro Terminal products into our customers’ production in the household appliance sector. After the first year, we discovered that there is also potential in the lighting sector. This was actually a new market for us, which we entered thanks to Electro Terminal. Recently, Gerhard Rieser has become our contact person and interface at Electro Terminal. In Poland, we would say that this man can build rockets to travel to outer space. That is a way of saying that you can trust him. He is very professional and reliable.

You have already visited our company. What comes to your mind when you remember that visit? Key Account Manager Aleksander Rodkin, Managing Director Jurij Pastuszyk and myself were very impressed by the fully automated and very clean production. What’s more, we really appreciated the friendly atmosphere and the personal contact with the staff and management.

Could you imagine living and working in Innsbruck? Yes, I could imagine a life in Innsbruck. The people are very friendly and relaxed. And I love the mountains – mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter. But it would not be possible for me to work at Electro Terminal. I would be too distracted looking out the office window with this beautiful view of the mountains. Which goals does Beltrade have for the LED Expo Ukraine? We will be promoting our company and services as well as the Electro Terminal products. We want to prove that our relatively “high-cost” top-level products and services are ultimately not as expensive because of their high quality, smart logistics and excellent customer service.

Electro Terminal: Interview with Beltrade's Sales Manager Tomasz Owczarczyk

PIZZATO : Control stations for EL AD series lifts

PIZZATO : Control stations for EL AD series lifts

Partner Beltrade company  Pizzato Elettrica  released a new product Control stations for EL AD series lifts

PIZZATO : Control stations for EL AD series lifts

The control stations for EL AD series lifts are designed to drive the lift movement during control and maintenance operations.

Main characteristics:

• Version with reduced height (60 mm)
• Inputs on the lid for easy connection
• Multiple configurations available.
• Degree of protection up to IP69K
• Embedded or secure devices

Advantages :


The protection of devices against impacts or kicks is guaranteed by both the solid structure of the control station and by the use of buttons which are integrated and therefore do not protrude from the surface. In addition, the use of robust guards for particularly bulky control switches, such as the emergency button or selector, makes the product applicable in the toughest environments.

2. Modularity

The enlarged design allows the use of more than one device and is completely customizable by the customer for the arrangement and typology of the control switches. This is thanks to the innovative cover structure (patent filed) that allows the free arrangement of holes and device housing designs.

3. Ease of cabling

The design of the product offers many technical and practical advantages, the first of which is the ease of cabling: in addition to the four inputs for cables on the base there are up to 6 inputs on the cover.

Having the inputs directly on the cover means having inputs, wiring and devices all positioned on the same side of the station, thus simplifying and speeding up the cabling and closing of the control station.

4.Rear fixing of the cover

The cover fixing screws on the base are positioned behind the control station, which can then be opened only once removed from the wall where it is fixed, making tampering attempts more difficult.

View the catalog here

PIZZATO : Control stations for EL AD series lifts