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A hot safety tip: GWT 750°C / GWIT 775°C

The European Standard EN 60335-1:2010 specifies safety requirements for electrical household appliances. The new standard imposes more exacting requirements in terms of the resistance of materials.

As of now, all contact-currier parts/ insulation for electrical connections to current – carrying parts having a nominal current I>0.2 A must withstand the glow wire test according to EN 60335-1:2010.

All electrical household appliances that are operated unattended such as washing-machines, baking ovens or hotplates must meet this standard. This means that all contact-carrier parts have to be revised and, if necessary, to be replaced.

Since 2006 Electro Terminal uses a plastic material these more stringent requirements. The insulation material is halogen-free, thereby old equipment is recycled in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

GWT 750°C ( components):
– Glow wire test in accordance with EN 60695-2-11
– At 750°C
– Max. flame time 2 seconds

GWIT 775°C ( test plates):
– Glow wire test in accordance with EN 60695-2-13
– At 775°C
– Max. flame time 5 seconds