Worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of gas components for domestic cooking, used by the most important brands of home appliances.

Operating in many markets all over the world, with production sites in Italy, Brazil, Mexico, the company is flexible organized, with a strong attitude to adapt to the sudden changes of the market, to the specific requests of the customers, according to the Lean Thinking principles.

Constantly directed toward customer satisfaction, Defendi has been producing “made in Italy” gas components for over 30 years, matching the most innovative concepts of  Italian design with the best cooking performances and with the excellent standards of energy efficiency.

Quality, security, innovation, respect for the environment are all key points of the company policy and inspire every single phase of the product creation, from the conception to the optimization of the production process.

Thanks to the know-how of the laboratory, the fast product development, the flexibility of the production-lines and the experience of decades of activity in all main countries of the world, Defendi represents as well an ideal partner for a co-design collaboration.