Coffee Machine Timer

All inputs and outputs necessary to manage coffee machine are included in this hardware; an integrated system of energy saving switches the machine off a pre set stand-by time. Many functions are available:

  • counting capsule
  • water heater temperature control
  • safety function of the warm water delivery
  • set up the stand by time


This sub assembly solution is composed by

  • 1 electronic PCB
  • 1 software
  • 2 electronical push button switches ( made of polycarbonate to better spread break forth the ledlight)


The control timer is highly customizable:

  • body shapes and marking on demand
  • cable lengths
  • led light colour
  • Tailor made software


The system comprises a PCB board, which manages the coffee machine, and two illuminated push buttons, one for main on/off, the other to select the coffee.


Its flexibility and reliability allow a perfect integration in most coffee machines. More customizations are also possible.

  • Application: Electronic timer switch for coffee machine
  • Power supply :230 VAC
  • Frequency :50-60 Hz
  • Load type 1: max.1kw,230 VAC
  • Load type 2: max.50W,230 VAC
  • Stand-by power: <0,25W
  • Temperature: T85
  • Switch 1: Relay
  • Switch 1: TRIAC