Electronic halogen transformers

Electronic halogen transformers

Tridonic electronic transformers are characterised above all by excellent economic efficiency, exceptional lighting comfort and high reliability. This diverse product range offers the best way of integrating lowvoltage halogen lamps in lighting solutions easily.

Optimal lamp operation

Electronic transformers operate lamps with highfrequency voltages in the range from 30 to 40 kHz. The innovative electronic system with switch-on current limiting, soft-starting and a constant non-load dependent output voltage over the entire output range ensures optimum lamp operation and hence long lamp service life.

Thanks to high-quality components, intelligent circuit design and extensive inspection and test programs at rated operating conditions, Tridonic TE transformers achieve an average life of 50,000 hours with a failure probability of less than 10 %, i.e. an average failure rate of 0.2 % per 1,000 hours of operation.

These features ensure that lighting installations with low-voltage halogen lamps achieve a high level of economic efficiency.


Constantly high quality

The consistently high quality and reliability of the Tridonic TE transformers are guaranteed by the use of high-grade materials together with manufacturing processes certified to ISO 9001. Fully automatic manufacture ensures constant reproducible quality. All transformers are subjected to 100 % final testing and safety testing.


Standards and approval marks

Electronic transformers from Tridonic are ENEC certified, carry the CE mark and meet all the European as well as international standards relating to safety, operation and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


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