Emerg. lighting units

Emergency lighting units

Emergency lighting systems are compulsory in many official buildings and in many workplaces so that in the unlikely event of a power failure people can find their way around safely. Safety lights and escape route lights provide enough light to shut machinery down, use the escape routes and give quick access to fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. They prevent panic and save lives.

Tridonic offers a broad range of emergency lighting units for battery powered emergency lighting systems perfectly matched to the requirements of various country-specific standards – whatever the circumstances and whatever the types of lamp.

The range comprises EM BASIC, PC COMBO, EM SELFTEST, EM PRO and EM powerLED units, covering everything from the simple to the highly intelligent, and from low-cost units to high-end solutions.

The EM powerLED emergency lighting ballasts in conjunction with the TALEXX light modules are ideal for a large number of emergency lighting applications. They can be installed as a separate system or integrated in the luminaire.


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