Screwless Connectors

Screwless Connectors SLK 3

SLK3- screwless luminaire power supply connectors for downlights, linear luminaires, continuous row supply, desk light and wall light etc.

All advantages at a glance SLK3:

  • Time saving installation
  • Easy manual installation
  • Automatic wiring possible with capacitor already fitted
  • Automatic wiring possible on all common push-in robot wiring system with push –in technology
  • Large entrance funnels
  • Easy detachment of wires at installation end with push-button
  • Large fixing holes for easy insertion of self-tapping screws( max.3.1mm)




Screwless Connectors SLK 3 linect®

Fittings with Interface for: recessed luminaires

All advantages at a glance SLK3 linect®

  • Safe an easy connection with conventional installation wires as well as with connectors plugs
  • Useable for automatic wiring on all common automatic push-in wirings system
  • Wire release at device end with release pin from the top
  • Wire release on the installation end with push-button
  • Compatible with all linect® approved connection systems




Screwless Connectors SLK5

SLK 5 miniaturised screwless power supply connector for light fittings: 27×19 (wxh)

All advantages at a glance SKL5:

  • Extremely small dimensions: 5 poles with 2×2.5mm2 terminals fit into low profile cross-sectional area 21×30 mm
  • Large clamping range 0,5 to 2,5 mm2 for rigid and flexible wires
  • Screwless connectors



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