BELTRADE: Pizzato Elettrica P-KUBE 2 safety handle

The new P-KUBE 2 safety handle, mounted in combination with the NG series RFID safety switch with block, creates an integrated protection-closing system with relating control of access to dangerous areas; such new combination makes it possible to obtain, with one single device, an access control conforming to category 4, PLe according to EN 13849-1 standard or SIL3 according to EN 62061 standard. Therefore this integrated closing system can be applied to doors or safety perimetric-barrier protections in situations where control is requested for accessing dangerous areas around machines or plants.

The main characteristics of the new P-KUBE 2 handle are as follows: – Simple operation: no specific action sequences are needed to open or close the door, but just one opening/closing movement.

– Solid construction: the handle has been made with solid steel brackets.

– Mounting can be done on both swing and sliding doors, either left or right-handed.

– Easy installation.

– LOCK-OUT device: by means of one single operation, this lock-out device can close the centring hole found in the NG switch and can screen the RFID recognition system, therefore preventing the door from being closed mechanically and the switch from being commuted electrically, and this way avoiding any accidental closing of the guard.

– Error-proof padlockable option: the lock-out device is activated by means of a simple vertical sliding action; such movement makes the padlock holes only accessible when in fully screened position, in order to exclude any incorrect application of the padlocks.

BELTRADE Pizzato Elettrica P-KUBE 2 safety handle