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2 circuits: 2x +/- 15A/0-60V dc
1 circuit + Data Bus: +/- 15A/0-60V + D+/D-
— Length: 1000 mm
— External extruded body in black anodized aluminium
— Insulated extruded body in PVC
— Copper conductors


Electro Terminal PCB connector MICROCON SMDP has been developed for directly running LED modules from a mains supply („driver on board” solutions).

However, this versatile connector also works really well in many other applications.

✔ Based on Electro Terminal product certification, the MICROCON SMDP connector has been tested according to EN 60999-1. This means it can also be utilized in household appliances according to EN 60335-1.

✔ The insulation material of MICROCON SMDP has a glow wire ignition temperature (GWIT) of > 775 °C. Therefore, the component can also be used for the mains connection of unattended household appliances with a current load of more than 0.2 A.

This makes Electro Terminal MICROCON SMDP your perfect connector for the mains connection in household appliances such as induction cooking hobs, coffee machines and many more.

Beltrade: Everel toggle switch

The Toggle Switch by Everel represents an evolution of the Rocker-Switch A1, to which it adds a toggle drive. The metal toggle is separated from the contacts inside the switch, therefore it does not need additional insulations, such as rubber caps or similar. One of the highlights of the Toggle Switch is that the toggle itself is fully customizable, both in shape and in length. The version with threading allows an easy panel-mounting through the nuts supplied as equipment. The Toggle proposes the same flow rates, certifications and terminals as the Rocker-Switch A1.

Beltrade: Tridonic Driver LCO 75W 500/700/1050/1400mA fixC L SNC2

Product description

  • Independent fixed output LED Driver
  • Constant current LED Driver
  • Output current 500, 700, 1,050 or 1,400 mA
  • Up to 92 % efficiency
  • For class I luminaires
  • Expanded ambient temperature range of -30 … +50 °C
  • Nominal life-time up to 50,000 h
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Metal casing
  • Type of protection IP67


  • Overtemperature protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • No-load protection

Beltrade: Tridonic SPD 10kV CE SNC

Product description

  • Terminal L’ is the fused output which would disconnect the LED Driver from the mains line in the event of an over temperature or during an above maximum surge pulse
  • Universal use for street, tunnel or object lighting
  • Flexible installation
  • Fixed via integrated elongated holes
  • Compact dimensions
  • Optical status indicator
  • Stub or through-wiring connection
  • Double or reinforced insulation
  • 5-year guarantee

Housing properties

  • Casing: plastic, grey
  • Type of protection IP20

Typical applications

  • Perfect for in-built applications

Beltrade: Tridonic Flexible LED module for damp rooms

The LLE FLEX IP67 EXCITE LED module is a flexible lighting strip which is resistant to water and dust. It is therefore ideal for use in bathroom lighting in particular.

With its innovative airGAP production process Tridonic has succeeded in completely eliminating the shift in colour location typical at high IP ratings. This means that LLE FLEX EXCITE IP67 can be perfectly combined with lighting strips that have no IP protection. The result is a uniformly constant colour temperature.

Beltrade: Tridonic EM ready2apply BASIC 1-2 W

Product description

  • LED emergency module suitable for direct installation in ceilings
  • Complete set with integrated electronics, LED module, heat sink, optics and battery
  • Includes click-in multi-lens option for anti-panic, escape route and spot illumination
  • Emergency lighting function for manual testing
  • Small size ceiling hole, 40 – 43 mm diameter, 80 mm height


  • Output power 0.75 – 1.50 W
  • Very low stand-by power loss
  • Maintained and non-maintained variants
  • 1 or 3 h rated duration (separate variants)
  • Plug-in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with strain-relief
  • 5 years guarantee electronic (LED Driver)
  • 3 years guarantee battery

Beltrade: Tridonic 97 mm LED driver for spotlight

Tridonic highly flexible driver series which is perfect for spotlight applications with its length of only 97 mm.

The highly flexible flexC SC ADVANCED constant current drivers offer five wattages and a choice of five output currents from 350 mA to 1,050 mA. This means that the new drivers cover all standard currents in spotlights and downlights. The output currents can be selected by simply inserting an ADVANCED plug. In combination with the SLE LED spotlight module series, the drivers form a perfectly matched system, especially for architectural and retail lighting.

Beltrade: Pizzato Elettrica new versions for NS series safety switches with solenoid and RFID technology

The NS series safety switches, with solenoid and RFID technology, now come with the new mode 3 for safety output activation.

In the versions with mode 1, the OS safety outputs are active when the actuator is both inserted and locked; this ensures that the actuator cannot be extracted with safety outputs activated.

Mode 2 – for specific applications in which hazardous elements have low inertia, and the risk does not persist once the guard is opened – allows the actuator to be released while keeping the safety chain enabled.

In the new versions with mode 3, the functions of modes 1 and 2 are combined: a safety output is active when the actuator is both inserted and locked, while the second safety output is active when the actuator is inserted only. This allows two single-channel independent circuits to be combined in a single device, and to emulate traditional electromechanical interlocking devices with guard locking, without complex machine wiring modifications.

The management of the two channels also includes the inputs, so that multiple devices can be connected in series.

Beltrade: Electro Terminal Universal application of our SDKF

SDKF universal connectors can be used for more than just installations in buildings. It’s successfully integrated in his MaxLUCE Downlights. The SDKF is perfectly suitable for luminaires. It is easy to use and significantly reduces the installation time.

All advantages at a glance SDKF

  • Clamping range: 0.2 mm² – 2.5 mm² for solid, rigid stranded and flexible wires.
  • A number of wire cross sections can be combined in one terminal.
  • High pull-out forces.
  • Connection of rigid wires without activating the release lever.
  • Viewing window for visual inspection of the clamping points means greater safety during Installation.
  • UL approval also for Canada and the US! For standard types only!