Beltrade: Pizzato Dual purpose illuminated ring

The new dual purpose illuminated ring is now available, in addition to the already existing versions with fixed or flashing light.
This new version can have both fixed and flashing light through a simple wiring, thus avoiding the use of an external intervention. The dual purpose illuminated ring is provided with three supply wires: depending on the electrical connection, the light can be fixed or flashing.
For example, this could be useful for a series of emergency buttons, each combined with the new illuminated ring and all connected in a chain. When the customer pushes the emergency button, that ring becomes flashing and all the others turn off, so that it is easy to understand where the emergency actuation has happened.
The new double purpose illuminated disc is available in the 24 Vac/dc version.

Beltrade: Tridonic Driver LC 200W 1050mA UNV ADV IND

  • Independent constant current LED Driver
  • For dry, damp and wet locations
  • Max. output power 200 W
  • Up to 93.7 % efficiency
  • Nominal life-time up to 100,000 h
  • For class I luminaires
  • Temperature protection as per EN 61347-2-13 C5e
  • 5-year guarantee

Beltrade: Electro Terminal the colourful variety of PKL

Our PCB connector PKL is a „Jack of all trades”. It is universally applicable and available in various models and configurations for a minimum order quantity of 20,000 pieces:

  • Various colours: from black, blue, green and orange to red, white, grey and brown
  • Available with different single poles and also with two or three bridged terminals

All advantages at a glance:

  • Nominal voltage 450 V
  • Nominal current 24 A
  • Clamping range 0.5 – 2.5 mm² (all types of wires)
  • Max. ambient temperature T85
  • ENEC approved
  • Long levers – no tools needed
  • Insertion of rigid wires without activating the levers

Beltrade: PIZZATO ELETTRONICA new connection blocks EROUND product range

The new connection blocks VE BC series have free terminals, that can be used for the electrical connections of the conductors, thus making the internal wiring of enclosures or control panels easier. The connection blocks are a perfect complement for the illuminated disk installation.

This product features retaining screws and clamping screw plates with “roof file” shape. During the wiring activity the plate adapts to conductors of different diameter and tightens the cables toward the internal part of the screw, preventing their slipping outward.

The new connection blocks VE BC are available in both panel and base fixing versions. They have the same shape of contact blocks. Therefore, they fit on the EROUND fixing adapters and they can be easily positioned both side by side and piled up on several levels.

Beltrade: Tridonic Module CLE G1 SNC

  • Ideal for downlight and decorative ceiling and wall light
  • Efficacy of the module up to 144 lm/W
  • High colour rendering index CRI > 80
  • Small colour tolerance (MacAdam 4)
  • Small luminous flux tolerances
  • Colour temperatures 3,000 and 4,000 K
  • Push terminals for quick and simple wiring
  • Simple installation (e.g. screws)
  • Long life-time: 50,000 hours
  • 5-year system guarantee on the complete product

Beltrade: Tridonic Engine LLE AC G1 24mm SNC

  • Module with integrated electronics
  • Ideal for linear luminaires
  • Economic one-piece solution
  • Enables thin designs of luminaries
  • Typ. luminous flux (HO) 2,400 lm, 4,800 lm and 6,200 lm
  • High system efficacy up to 131 lm/W (HE), 120 lm/W (HO)
  • Colour temperatures 3,000, 4,000 and 6,500 K
  • Module dimensions 24 x 560 mm, 24 x 1,150 mm and 24 x 1,450 mm
  • High colour rendering index CRI > 80
  • Colour tolerance MacAdam 5
  • Perfect homogenous light with LINEAR COVER SY Diffuse
  • Push terminals for quick and simple wiring
  • Simple installation (e.g. ACL ENDCAP PUSH-FIX)
  • Self-cooling (no additional heat sink required)
  • Long life-time: 50,000 hours
  • 5-year guarantee


Fime offers a broad range of high-efficiency products equipped with brushless motors. They can be installed in applications such as condensing or evaporating units, blast chillers and a vast selection of machinery used in the industrial cooling sector.

Beltrade: Electro Terminal Fused Terminal Blocks SIKL

Nominal voltage 400 V

Nominal current 10 A

Clamping range Push-in terminals 4 × 0.5 – 1 mm. solid wires

Push-in terminals 2 × detachable with screwdriver

3 × 0.5 mm and 2 × not detachable

Screw terminal 1 – 2.5 mm.

Wire skinning length 8 – 9 mm

Material Terminal housing Polyamide 66 beige

Inserts Brass / Tinned steel

Screws Galvanized steel

Suitable for fuse type BS 1362 25 × 6.3 mm

Beltrade: Tridonic Module SLE G1 SUNSET EXC

  • For spotlights and downlights
  • Sunset dimming – changes light colour with dimming level
  • 100 % dimming level = 2.700 K, 5 % dimming level = 1.800 K
  • Can be used with amplitude dimmable LED Drivers (no additional control)
  • Housing with Snap-On feature for easy reflector mounting
  • Luminous flux up to 1,700 lm at tp = 65 °C
  • High colour consistency (MacAdam 3)
  • Small LES (light emitting surface) diameter enables small beam angle for spotlights
  • Fixing holes for M3 screws
  • Cooling required
  • 5-year guarantee


The EROUND series illuminated disc has been enriched with several new features.

The first one concerns its supply voltage: a new 12 Vac/dc version is now available, joining the already existing 24 Vac/dc version. You can choose between a fixed or flashing light disc.

All 12 and 24 Vac/dc discs, with fixed or flashing light, can be supplied in white, in addition to yellow (standard color). White lens increase signalling possibilities, since the device can be used as a source of light.

Both the white and the yellow lens versions can be customised using symbols and laser-marked writings meeting the various needs of our customers and different types of application.