Beltrade: 4 kitchen trends for 2017

Beltrade: 4 kitchen trends for 2017

A kitchen is a crucial place of all of our houses. Those are places where we meet, discuss, laugh and cook together. Many are saying, that a talk over the table full of tasty dishes to get to know other people.

With IoT and new trends in interior design, the kitchen is one of the fastest evolving space of work of architects and designers. What are the trends for 2017 and to which elements of the kitchens should we pay more attention in order to create a better experience for our future clients? Take a look at 4 most important trends in the opinion of Beltrade experts.

Beltrade: 4 kitchen trends for 2017

1. Classic white and black palette 

Classics are always trendy. If 2016 came with the minimalistic trend of monochromatic colours in your kitchen, 2017 is a year of strong contrasts. It does not mean that the kitchen won’t be fresh and comfortable anymore, quite te opposite — with a good quality components and equipment kitchen will remain a heart of the house.

It’s more than important to remember about the accents — appliances like fridge or kitchen machines might be used as a pale, pastel colour accents to add the flavour to the pure space.

If it comes to materials in these kitchens designers suggest to use ceramic (on a wall, for example), timber (kitchen cabinets and shelves) or veneers. They might help us not only to get a strong contrast effect but also soften the reception.

Beltrade: 4 kitchen trends for 2017

2. Smart spaces 

Kitchens are spaces where we spend a lot of time in our homes cooking, eating and simply — being together. That’s why the kitchen space is a place where all the trends are meeting together creating smart space, which will be fully functional and help us cook better, clean easier and use power more wisely.

With IoT and Cloud your devices will soon exchange pieces of information in order to save the power (with two effects: cutting the costs and save the planet) and make you more comfortable, like adjusting the temperature in the room according to switched oven (as an example). Customers will definitely look for information about security and privacy of data stored in the devices as well as about the compatibility with other devices.

It’s worth to note, that smart kitchen is not only about high-end technologies, but also about using the space in a compatible way, so you could fit more in a less of a space. New solutions will be expected also if it comes to equipment: pots, pans, cutlery.

Don’t forget about making the customer as comfortable as it’s only possible. Sensor-activated lights or notifications about the state of a cake in the oven sent to your smartphone might surprise the clients, and convince him to buy your product.

3. High quality

New climate change agreement in Paris and slow life trend leaves us with no doubts: quality (in meaning: long-life products) will be getting more and more popular. Customers will for sure pay more attention to certain certificates, with a thought of sustainability and also saving money in the future.

It’s worth to choose right components, especially for the front of kitchen appliances, like buttons and switches.

4. Lighting is important 

With smart bulbs and more variety in lighting market customers started to pay more attention to the colour of light and it’s affection on our mood. It might be worth to share recommendations if it comes to the place of use of the light (for example softer light might be better for a bedroom while dining room might need something more alive).

Not only the colour palette of lights but also their locations will be important. Experts recommend to use LED lighting in joinery or using a light inside the pantry space and underneath overhead cabinetry.