Over last week we analysed current trends and new methods of building a successful home appliance product for both European or American markets.

Today, we’d like to free our imagination and think of the future of home appliances. We got inspired by brochure prepared by European Committee of domestic equipment manufacturers on the future of home appliances. Why thinking of future is in our opinion important? It refers to building the successful product — one of the most important points are, in opinion, creating them while having long-term strategy for its future development.

So how future of home appliances looks like?


Our products won’t need any kind of cables anymore. Power will be provided over electromagnetic waves. It will generate a great amount of savings both for customers and companies producing home appliances. What is important and worth noting, is that it will change not only the way how we design home appliances and singular products — it will affect technical specifications of our homes. It might affect both design and specification of our products — we will no longer need to install big batteries as they will have easy access to energy.

Devices smarter than us 

All of our home appliances will be connected to the internet and through that — they will contain build-in AI. We have already spoken how Smart homes can affect the way we think of designing devices — but let’s go further and think of how it will affect the lives of a customer? The opportunity of creating the specific character for a device might be the additional feature to our product. Just imagine — sarcastic toaster.


Ability to pass the energy in a wireless way will make it possible to us, producers, to make the batteries and accumulators smaller or even replace them with something else.

It will in an obvious way affect how we design the outlook of devices. They will get smaller and thinner. They will also get more resistant to water as they will not need any kind of inputs.

More sustainable 

2016 was the hottest year ever measured. Sustainability is the word of coming years. Lawmakers will be pushing all of the producers to use energy in wiser and more sustainable way. Environment will be a priority of us all.


User will be doing less and less every year. In kitchens: there will be no longer need of cooking on our own — machines will prepare whole meal for us with new, special devices able to act like our hands. Whole diet will be adjusted especially to our health condition and our favourite taste. In bathrooms: we won’t take a shower anymore — it will be more likely to take us. New devices will also take care of scanning our body on live and will let us know in case if anything bad will happen.