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TRIDONIC LED драйверы для наружного освещения

TRIDONIC LED драйверы для наружного освещения

LED драйверы для наружного освещения


Tridonic LED драйверы для наружного освещения, в которых можно  легко регулировать яркость

Новые светодиодные драйверы ADV 14/24/40/60 WT  C ADV для наружного освещения обеспечивают надежное затемнение благодаря двум дополнительным функциям chronoSTEP и routorFUNCTION.

Расширенное окно напряжения в драйверах наружного освещения серии ADV

Новая технология 2 В на выходе обеспечивает эффективную работу в рабочем диапазоне от 200 до 1050 мА. Серия Advanced и Excite поставляются с интерфейсом NFC для быстрой параметризации при производстве светильников.

Драйвер LCO 14W 100–500mA 38V NF C ADV3

Профессиональная серия для наружного освещения

LED драйверы для наружного освещения

Описание продукта

  • Регулируемый встроенный светодиодный драйвер с постоянным током.
  • Выходной ток регулируется от 100 до 500 мА с помощью NFC или Ready2mains Programmer
  • Выходная мощность 14 Вт
  • Минимальное энергопотребление в режиме ожидания <0,16 Вт
  • Эффективность до 87%
  • Диапазон затемнения 5 — 100% (мин. 5 мА)
  • Для светильников класса защиты I и класса защиты II
  • Защита от перегрева в соответствии с EN 61347-2-13 C5e
  • Номинальный срок службы 100 000 часов и 8-летняя гарантия


  • Ближайшая связь (NFC)
  • ready2mains (настройка через сеть)
  • U6Me2 (настройка chronoSTEP 2 через сеть)
  • Клеммные колодки: нажимные клеммы 45 °


  • Регулируемый выходной ток (NFC, ready2mains)
  • Программируемый хроностеп: время и уровни (NFC, U6Me2, ready2mains)
  • Затемнение через сетевое напряжение (inputDIM)
  • Улучшенная функция постоянного светового выхода (eCLO)
  • Защитные свойства (перегрев, короткое замыкание, перегрузка, без нагрузки, диапазон входного напряжения, пониженное импульсное усиление)
  • Интеллектуальная защита от перегрева (ITG)
  • Интеллектуальная защита по напряжению Plus (IVG +)
  • Подходит для систем аварийного освещения в соотв. по EN 50172



  • Ориентированное на приложение рабочее окно для максимальной совместимости
  • Лучшая экономия энергии благодаря низким потерям в режиме ожидания и высокой эффективности
  • Гибкая настройка через NFC, ready2mains и U6Me2
  • Полевое программирование возможно после установки с интерфейсом NFC и ready2mains
  • Высокая защита от перенапряжения: асимметричная до 10 кВ (3 импульса) (класс защиты I и II)

Области применения

  • Дороги, улица и промышленность


Больше информации

Tridonic LED драйверы для наружного освещения


Dear customer
Anyone who wants to modernise their lighting will anticipate high costs alongside high time outlay. Tridonic’s intuitive basicDIM Wireless control technology has long been established as the ideal solution for this process. New products are building on the trend towards simple modernisation of lighting without additional wiring. Drivers and modules with integrated basicDIM Wireless technology allow a dimming function to be added to existing lighting quickly and easily. A range of versions are available to satisfy every lighting requirement – from accent lighting consisting of LED light lines to Tunable White solutions.

Light is not always the same. You can choose how yours looks. And we’ll help you do just that. With our LED products we give you the confidence that your chosen lighting solution will give you precisely the results you want.

Module SLE G7 ADV

_ Increase in efficacy of up to 16 %
_ Longer life time of 55,000 hours
_ Thermal optimisation with new phosphor


The LES 13, 15, 17 and 21 sizes complete the seventh generation of the advanced (ADV) module series. All improvements to existing sizes have been pursued consistently, including outstanding efficacy of up to 191 lumens per watt and optimised chip temperature of up to 150 °C. Combined with the improved derating curve, stable light quality is guaranteed throughout the entire life time.

Module SLE G7 ADV

Modules SLE advanced

Product description

  • For spotlights and downlights
  • TIM variants for easy and fast assembly
  • Housing with Snap-On feature for easy reflector mounting
  • 50 mm housing with 35 mm mounting hole distance acc. to Zhaga
  • For operating with SELV Driver suitable
  • Luminous flux up to 10,990 lm at tp = 65 °C
  • High efficacy up to 190 lm/W for the LED module at tp = 25 °C
  • High system efficacy up to 164 lm/W at tp = 65 °C
  • High colour consistency (MacAdam 3)
  • Excellent thermal management by COB technology
  • Uniform radiation with Dam&Fill technology
  • Integrated LED module
  • Cooling required
  • Flexible operating mode
  • 5-year guarantee


Drawing on its decades of experience in the field of safety switches for machinery guards, Pizzato Elettrica is revolutionising the concept of safety handles, with the market launch of the new P-KUBE Krome series.

These products combine the characteristics of a robust handle for safety enclosures, with an ergonomic, rounded grip and built-in, customisable control button, with various illuminated signalling options. These indicate the state of the guard, or other operating conditions that can be visualised externally to the guard.

Key features:

  • Compatible with NG and NS series safety locking switches with RFID technology.
  • Internal, 5 mm thick steel fixing plate, to ensure locking system robustness, and increased service life.
  • Handle front customisable in satin chrome and illuminated white finishes (this last version will be available in the first quarter of 2019).
  • Illuminated control button, built into handle, with call, open, reset, and other functions.
  • Modern and ergonomic design with fully concealed fixing screws and cabling.
  • Tamper prevention, from interlocking protection caps inserted to fixing screw holes.
  • High anti bypass coding level, thanks to RFID technology actuators.
  • Requires no adaptation for use on hinged or sliding doors, left or right; same individual product code.
  • Compatible with lock out devices for NG and NS series safety locking switches with RFID technology.
  • Lighting with integrated RGB LEDs, for local signalling of guard state.
  • High signalling visibility, even from a considerable distance, and in brightly-lit environments.
  • Ability to light up a single handle in green, yellow, red, blue, white, purple, and pale blue.

The new P-KUBE safety handles are a built-in and innovative solution for machine manufacturers who, with a single product and wiring harness, can optimise the cost of components, by eliminating peripheral control boxes and illuminated signalling columns, and implementing aesthetically pleasing and exclusive guards – without compromising on the quality and reliability offered by Pizzato products.

Beltrade: Tridonic Tunable White: stable colour even when dimme

The second generation of Tunable White LED modules in combination with the new LED drivers enables unprecedented stability of colour locations. This increases the quality of light in the office and education segments as well as in hospitals, hotels and hospitality.

The Engine Tunable White system is precalibrated at the factory and is offered in kits comprising a driver and two to six LED modules. This complete solution covers the entire spectrum of light colours from 2,700 to 6,500 K. When dimming between 100 and 3 percent, the colour location remains stable in the precalibrated system. Both the linear TW LLE modules and the compact QLE G2 PREMIUM modules now offer these advantages.


  • Rated Operational Current from 20A to 40A
  • 3Poles and 4Poles
  • Rated Insulation Voltage 800V
  • IP20 Terminals Protection Degree
  • Double Break Contacts
  • Contact Block Designed to Facilitate Wiring
  • IP66 Handle Protection Degree
  • Panel (Rear) or Base Mounting
  • Wide Range of Accessories

Beltrade: Pizzato Elettrica New version of the Gemnis Studio software 11.7

An update of the Gemnis Studio programming software is available: the graphical environment that allows the creation, simulation and debugging of programs suitable to be inserted into the programmable safety modules of the Gemnis series.

The update introduces important improvements and new features: visit to discover them and to download the GEMNIS Studio installation package for free.

Beltrade: Tridonic Pioneering the switch to DALI-2

Tridonic is the first company to switch all the relevant products in its portfolio to the new DALI-2 standard. As a member of the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), Tridonic has certified not only the recently launched LED drivers but nearly its complete existing portfolio.

All manufacturers who want to label their products with the DALI-2 certification mark must now complete uniform standardised test routines and be a member of the DiiA. This will ensure better interoperability.

This more advanced interface protocol is backward-compatible with existing DALI systems but provides the opportunity to integrate new functions in lighting control systems such as monitoring for the emergency lighting systems or for energy consumption. Tridonic has been recognised as a leading player in the establishment and development of DALI since 2001.

Beltrade: Tridonic SLE G7 ADV: spotlight LED module that scores highly

Generation 7 of our SLE module series for spotlights and downlights offers outstanding efficacy with an excellent colour rendering quality.

With the newly launched SLE G7 ADV modules are available in three sizes, in LES 9, 13 and 15. With efficacy of up to 174 lm/W at colour temperatures of 3,000 K and 4,000 K, an attractive lighting upgrade is possible. The new generation of SLE modules is now being expanded step by step. As early as December, with new housing, further sizes with LES 17 and 21 will be available and more versions with special colours are in the pipeline with the EXCITE series.

Electro Terminal: Interview with Beltrade’s Sales Manager Tomasz Owczarczyk

Tomasz, how would you describe the relationship between Beltrade and Electro Terminal? Our cooperation with Electro Terminal started in 2011. Since the very beginning, we have been highly successful on the market and quickly integrated Electro Terminal products into our customers’ production in the household appliance sector. After the first year, we discovered that there is also potential in the lighting sector. This was actually a new market for us, which we entered thanks to Electro Terminal. Recently, Gerhard Rieser has become our contact person and interface at Electro Terminal. In Poland, we would say that this man can build rockets to travel to outer space. That is a way of saying that you can trust him. He is very professional and reliable.

You have already visited our company. What comes to your mind when you remember that visit? Key Account Manager Aleksander Rodkin, Managing Director Jurij Pastuszyk and myself were very impressed by the fully automated and very clean production. What’s more, we really appreciated the friendly atmosphere and the personal contact with the staff and management.

Could you imagine living and working in Innsbruck? Yes, I could imagine a life in Innsbruck. The people are very friendly and relaxed. And I love the mountains – mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter. But it would not be possible for me to work at Electro Terminal. I would be too distracted looking out the office window with this beautiful view of the mountains. Which goals does Beltrade have for the LED Expo Ukraine? We will be promoting our company and services as well as the Electro Terminal products. We want to prove that our relatively «high-cost» top-level products and services are ultimately not as expensive because of their high quality, smart logistics and excellent customer service.

Beltrade: Tridonic Module ELA G1 SNC

Product description

  • Edgelit panel for direct recessed mount and surface or suspended mount with accessories
  • Two luminous flux range variants 2,800 or 3,800 lm
  • For suspended ceiling grid measure of 600 and 625 mm
  • LED system solution with outstanding system efficacy up to 101 lm/W
  • Efficacy of the module up to 120 lm/W
  • High colour rendering index CRI > 80
  • Small colour tolerance (MacAdam 4) (1)
  • UGR < 19
  • Small luminous flux tolerances
  • Colour temperatures 3,000, 4,000 and 6,500 K
  • Diffusor material standard article: PS, diffusor material TPA article: PC
  • Lightguide material: PMMA
  • Long life-time: 50,000 hours
  • 5-year guarantee