Micro switches

Everel is, since over 40 years, the leading supplier of switches for the most wide range of applications in the appliance industry. With more than 10 billion units sold worldwide, Everel is synonymous with reliability and experience. The new product family comprises two different types of switches, respectively “Micro” and “Subminiature” switches.

– Tight configuration, small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity and small operating travel
– Long Life, high reliability
– Global Safety Approvals
– Variety of levers
– Integral actuator and terminals
– Widely used in appliance, electronic equipment, automatic machine, communication equipment, car electric, apparatus and instrument, power tool, etc
– In the Subminiature version they are used in pumps, gas detectors, pencil sharpener, money sorter, food processor, electric knife, toy car, juice extractor, lighting equipment, electric frypan, etc.