Beltrade: Tridonic Lux Award 2017 for EM ready2apply

Tridonic received the award for Emergency Lighting Product of the Year for its EM ready2apply product at this year prestigious Lux Awards 2017.    

The independent panel of judges recognised the product’s innovation, in terms of both its compact format and also its inclusion of the latest battery technology, factors which set the bench mark for future emergency lighting solutions.


Z wielką przyjemnością informujemy, że został opublikowany nowy katalog Pizzato na 2018 rok.

W nim Państwo znajdziecie nowe produkty i artykuły które są zgodne z wymaganiami EN-81:20.

Aby zapoznać się z katalogiem należy kliknąć tu

Beltrade: Tridonic flexC ADVANCED Driver & SLE G6 module

Spotlights can now be manufactured even more efficiently: Three drivers are sufficient to cover the entire lumen bandwidth of an LED module. The result is maximum flexibility with regard to product design, which goes hand in hand with low storage costs.

Financial advantages

  • Only one LES19 LED module for all common lumen packages for a luminaire
  • Easy output current selection by plug, making it possible to use different amounts of luminous flux with one driver
  • 100 % Tridonic solution for optimum service and warranty

Technical advantages

  • Stretched Compact housing just 97 mm in length for the further miniaturisation of spotlights and downlights, with optional strain relief
  • Low ripple current (±5 %) for flicker-free luminaires
  • Forward voltage that is perfectly attuned for efficient operation of the SLE modules

Beltrade: Pizzato Elettrica By-pass device with VG GG guard

Pizzato has a by-pass device with VE GG lockable guard, suitable for contact maintenance of floor and cabin doors, and door interlocking devices, to be placed in the maneuver or emergency panel in accordance with paragraph of UNI EN 81-20: 2014 standard.

The bypass device provides a solid guard with a movable cover, which can be comfortably locked in a closed position by inserting one or two padlocks.

To facilitate operations, the cover also has two shutter-release positions: fully open and fully closed. The cover therefore will not open inadvertently, but it must in any case be manually disconnected.

The Pizzato bypass with lockable guard can be installed on the EL control stations or on any panel that has the appropriate holes for the fixing screws.

Beltrade: udział Pizzato Elettronica w SPS IPC Drives

SPS IPC Drives jest jedną z najbardziej znaczących europejskich wystaw w branży elektro automatyki. Na wystawie jest możliwość się spotkać z producentami technologii elektro automatyki. Zapoznać się z produktami, nowoczesnymi technologiami i ostatnimi innowacjami – to wszystko można zrealizować 28 – 30 listopada 2017 w Norymberdze (Niemcy). SPS IPC jest wystawą, która daje możliwość znalezienia właściwego rozwiązania dla potrzeb automatyzacji.

Pizzatto Elettrica bierze udział w SPS IPC Drives, Hall 7, Stoisko 593.

Skorzystaj z szansy, która daje Ci możliwość stworzenia inteligentnej produkcji.


Product description

  • Capacitive Touchpanel for controlling multiple luminaire Groups and calling up preset lighting Scenes
  • High-quality appearance with real glass display
  • Multi-master compatible: Multiple control modules are possible in a DALI system
  • Power supply via DALI line
  • Easy and individual adjustment of the control panel and button assignments with rotary switches
  • Tunable white (colour converter) control (colour temperature along the Planckian Locus, Colour temperature Tc)
  • Double terminals for through wiring
  • 5-year guarantee

Beltrade: Tridonic Moduł LLE FLEX G1 8mm SNC

Opis produktu

  • Stałonapięciowy pasek 24 V (SELV) z funkcją ściemniania
  • Doskonałe do różnych zastosowań oświetlenia dekoracyjnego: akcentującego oświetlenia elewacji, integracji sufitowej, oświetlenia wnękowego i do profili aluminiowych.

Właściwości i korzyści

  • Zakres strumienia świetlnego 600, 1,200 i 1,800 lm/m
  • Temperatura barwowa 2 700, 3 000, 4 000 i 6 500 K z SDCM 5
  • Skuteczność świetlna modułu do 125 lm/W przy tp = 65 °C
  • Duża swoboda konstrukcyjna dzięki 5 cm możliwościom wycięcia
  • Odległość 8.3 mm umożliwia uzyskanie wysokiej jednolitości światła
  • Prosty montaż na różnych powierzchniach dzięki taśmie samoprzylepnej 3M umiejscowionej z tyłu
  • Beznarzędziowa obsługa i podłączenie dzięki zaciskom PCB do PCB i przewód do PCB
  • Długa żywotność do 50000 godzin
  • Gwarancja 5 lat
  • Rozwiązanie systemowe ze stałonapięciowym urządzeniem LED Driver firmy Tridonic (ściemnialny i ze stałym wyjściem)

Beltrade: Interlift 2017 Pizzato Elettrica participation

Worldwide, Interlift in Augsburg belongs to the leading fairs of the branche. Every second year, the leading manufacturers are presenting their product innovations and the latest trends concerning elevator technology.

Among the participants Interlift 2017 was Beltrade’s partner – Pizzato Elettrica – one of the leading European manufacturers of switches. 18.10.2017 during the meeting Beltrade and Pizzato Elettrica common projects and development cooperation strategy were discussed. The company Pizzato Elettrica presented new products of high quality, reliability and easy to use, as well as meet the requirements of standard EN-81:20.

On the Pizzato’s stand were meeting Beltrade’s with partners from Belarussia – Mogilevliftmash and from Ukraine – Euroformat.

Beltrade: Electro Terminal Application tips MICROCON SMDP

The MICROCON SMDP connector is suitable for rigid and flexible wires from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm². With its low height of just 7 mm, the component can also be used for applications that provide little space.

Solid wires can simply be pushed in without activating the buttons.

Activate the push buttons when using non-rigid (flexible or multi-stranded) wires.

Individual printing of poles

For daisy-chain wiring please choose the internally connected model

The MICROCON SMD connectors are taped on reel to facilitate automatic assembly.

Beltrade: Electro Terminal SFK: Many features to choose from

SFK is a well-proven screw-tab terminal block manufactured by Electro Terminal. It has a wide clamping range and is available in various pole numbers, with snap-in foot or screw fixation, torx or slotted screws.

The maximum ambient temperature is 150°C. The material used is a highly flame-resistant blend of GV (V0) and GW750. SFK is therefore ideal for the US market, which requires a higher classification for the flame resistance of the insulation material.

The material also complies with the requirements of GWT 750°C and GWIT 775°C (EN 60335-1) glow wire tests. The flame retardant contains no phosphor and no halogen compounds. ÖVE, ENEC and UL approvals round off the features of this product.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Nominal voltage 450 V
  • Nominal current 41 A
  • Snap-in foot or screw fixation
  • Torx or slotted screws
  • Two new earth-tag variants available
  • Maximum ambient temperature T150
  • Halogen-free
  • Approvals: ÖVE, ENEC, UL